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Jacksonville Bar Association

Who We Are

Fat Bob

web guy. Unindicted co-conspirator


Alleged Mastermind of This Endeavor.


The moderating influence. Calms the crowd if Bill or Bob gets everyone wound up.

Honestly, we are not lawyers. We are willing to play them on television or movies. If you came to this site looking for a lawyer the Google engine has failed you. Go see our friends over at
(By the way lawyer types. This domain is for sale. Bring large amounts of folding green notes, not promises. One comma would be fine, two gets our immediate attention and co-operation.)

What Do You Do?

Picture a brand ambassador. Now toss in a couple of guys that enjoy good conversation, comedy and actually thinking about stuff among other people. Add alcohol.

Now make it a podcast. Interesting guests. Topics of note. The news in review. Pranks, games and shenanigans.


Do you have to? If so, give me a shout at

I’ll pass along words to the kids that you desire our particular brand of brand ambassadorship.